El’s Dinosaur Train Themed 5th Birthday Party

El turned 5 in October! With a few weeks before his birthday, he announced that he wanted a Dinosaur Train birthday celebration in his school. Originally he did not want, but he had changed his mind. Immediately, I started looking for bakers. I found one who had made a beautiful Dinosaur Train fondant cake, and checked whether she could make cupcakes. For the number of cupcakes I was looking at, it was so exorbitantly expensive that I might as well get a cake.

I asked my friends for suggestions. My brother gave me his friend’s contact, so I found the contact on FB and left a message. Other friends also provided contacts but I realised that his birthday was near Hari Raya Haji, so the Muslim bakers were busy. Finally, my brother’s friend from Two Bakers replied and we started communicating. I found the prices reasonable, and so I mixed and matched them.

I had 2 different 3D fondant designs. I left it up to the baker to decide, but thank goodness I had clarified with her that the dinosaurs were characters from Dinosaur Train.

I also ordered plain cupcakes with green cream acting as the grass base.

Then I searched the internet for cupcake toppers design, and found them.

How To DIY Dinosaur Train cupcake toppers
1. Find the designs online. I found free designs but cannot locate the blog right now .
2. Cut and paste them onto powerpoint slides.
3. Print out as pictures on 4R glossy photos.
printing dinosaur train pictures
4. Cut the pictures.
5. Paste the pictures on lollipop sticks, or in my case, unused Yakult sticks.

ned brachiosaurus

Gar saw them and loved them. He wanted a few.
don pteranadon peeking out from thomas the train bag

I found Don Pteranadon peeking out his bag.
gar and buddy

Then, I collected the cupcakes from Two Bakers, located at Horne Road in Jalan Basah. They were so new that they had not opened officially yet then.
cupcakes from two bakers

tiny pterandon dinosaur train 3d fondant cupcake

buddy tyrannosaurus
3D Fondant Dinosaur Train Cupcake Tiny Pterandon and Buddy Tyrannosaurus

don dinosaur topper cupcake
I gave instructions on how to put the cupcake toppers on the cupcakes, but when I saw the pictures, I realised that the teachers only gave out the sticks to the students and did not stick them on the cupcakes!

One of El’s friends liked the stegosaurus so much that he cried when he did not get it. Hence, I made one more for him.

El was extremely happy with the celebration and said the cupcake tasted yummylicious!

green tongue
We had spent a weekend trying to find dinosaur toys, dinosaur stamps and sweets for the goodie bag.

At night, we had a small celebration. El had requested for a soft toy, and he told my mother he wanted an owl.
birthday celebration at home
I had actually forgotten to give him a present, but I think he had many toys throughout the year. Originally I wanted to get him erasers with country designs, but the place I went to was out of stock.

eating cupcakes at home
I think it was after this celebration that Gar became a dinosaur train fan!

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