Why The Pram Does Not Work For Me

There has been a huge uproar about prams recently. A journalist complained in ST about children not in the prams, children who are too big for the pram and prams that carry only bags.

I did not read the article earlier when friends started complaining about it on Facebook. However, when I read a rebuttal to the overuse of prams, I decided to read the original article. There was name-calling, which was very unprofessional. Different people have different opinions.

el in pram

I am just amazed how parents manage to get their children to remain in the stroller. Ever since they could walk, my children refuse to sit in the pram. They insist on walking, and within a short period of time, they only want to be carried. I end up having to push the stroller and carry them.

They refused to be in baby carriers, and baby carriers hurt my shoulders and back anyway.

gar baby carrier 1

What does this mean? We seldom go out. We stay at home most of the time. Our backs hurt if they insist on being carried. Carrying a child and pushing a pram cannot be done easily.

I am not exactly sure why they hate the pram. Maybe there are invisible bugs. I had used to push Gar to the library in the stroller when he was younger, but he would always come back with bites. Up till now, I have not figured out whether the bugs came from the stroller or the short trip.

I dislike using the pram actually. There is never a straight path from the carpark to the place I want to go. I will strap my child into the pram from the car, push the pram to the stairs, unbuckle him, carry him using one arm, close the pram and carry the pram in another arm.

Then, I need to open it again and strap the unwilling child again. Then I realise the lift is full. Or it does not stop on the levels I want to go. It has become a white elephant.

It is hard to navigate the pram. I had unapologetic people who ram the prams into my ankles, which made me jump in pain, and I had also accidently rammed the pram into others, apologising profusely only to be greeted with dagger stares.

That is why the pram does not work for me or my children, but that does not mean people can complain about others using the pram.

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