Cozy Weekend With Gar

My helper has left for home after her contract is up. This is the first weekend without any help in nearly two years. We stayed home most of the time since the boys were not well enough to go out for food.

The first thing I did was to cook breakfast for Gar. El was with his grandparents as we had to separate the two from further cross infection.

photo 1

I steamed some fish and meat for Gar. I am not a good cook.

fish and meat

It was time to keep Gar’s clothes.

folding clothes

Gar was hiding behind the clothes hangers. What a cheeky boy.

clothes hangersWe pasted stickers onto a sticker book. He tried counting them but only counted to 5 and then he mixed it up.

fish stickers

After that, he played with his Lego toys.

building bricks

Then, he wanted to play Ninja Turtles with his father.

playing with toys

We had fun with this boy over the weekend, but that meant that we had not much time left to do our own work. Should I relook into the hours I spend at work?

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