Sand Playground

El had just finished his piano lesson, and we decided to head over to Bishan Park. It had rained earlier, so the sand pit would be wet. That was the only way to build sandcastles.

I was quite surprised that he remembered the place was red in colour, because the last time we went there, it was dark and I did not see the colour.

The moment we reached there, El jumped over the concrete waves and when he reached the last wave, he tripped and fell. He kicked up a big fuss and I quickly pulled out a plaster from my bag and stuck it on his skinned knee after washing his wound.

There was a bunch of teens hanging around that area. We went to another side, and started digging and filling up the containers. Gar was having fun as he tried to use the spade.
Brothers Playing Together

El also suddenly wanted to pee and he would usually tell us only when he absolutely had to go and could not hold it any longer. There were no toilets nearby, and we had no choice but to do the unthinkable.
We managed to make two castles before their father told us to get ready to go. The grey clouds were looming over at Ang Mo Kio just across the road, and he smelled the rain. El looked up to the sky and kept asking where the grey clouds were.
Kwa Ti

I wanted to go off quickly because those teenagers had gathered at the spider web playground beside us and were cursing away.

Suddenly, Gar stuck his hands in the sand pit and gleefully showed me his sandy hands. Immediately I got him to shake the sand grains off.
look at my hands

El insisted on finishing his sandcastle, and we kept hurrying him. Not sure why, but he refused to let the sandcastles remain there. He jumped on them and flattened them.

Probably in too much pain, he refused to walk. I had no choice but to carry him. I had to walk briskly with him in my arms and a big and heavy bag as well. We headed back to the shelter where some scouts were resting, and washed their hands at the taps.

Then, we had to walk even more quickly to the car park, but it started raining. I had an umbrella, but Gar was slightly drenched.

Our trip was cut short, and I felt a little sad that the March holidays were coming to an end.

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