Mum and Dad Restraunt Menu

I came home today to find El busy colouring something. He told me that he was preparing a menu for my husband and me. He said it was for Mum and Dad Restraunt(sic). After that, he came to me and showed me his menu.

I was greatly surprised when I saw the wide array of food, which he had drawn everything himself and coloured them.

There were all sorts of fruits, such as watermelon, banana and apple. There were other of his favourite food, such as pizza, sushi and his favourite vegetables, such as pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli and celery. There were meat, such as chicken drumstick, duck, goose and fish. On top of that, there were drinks, such as milo, orange juice and coffee.

menuApparently he asked my husband how to draw a drumstick, and he thought it was for the drums. After clarification, he drew a nice one for him.

I placed my orders, and I mentioned I wanted milo. Immediately he rushed to the kitchen and wanted to make a real cup of milo for me. I was still having my real dinner, so the other family members stopped him. I had to convince him that I merely wanted pretend drinks and food.

Next, he told me to go away from a corner, where he prepared food. He kept bringing ‘food’ to me, but refused to let me eat. Thank goodness I had a good memory, so I remembered which receptacle was for which food, which he tested me on. For example, he made me drink milo three times, and he had a special ritual. I had to knock twice on that shaker toy, and then drink it in a certain manner.

Gar saw all the food, and kept trying to snatch them away. He saved the day by snatching that milo toy away and throwing it somewhere else.


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