8 Happy Meal Books

My two children love to read, and we have many DK non-fiction books on animals and other topics. I managed to get 8 McDonald’s non-fiction books for children. The first set of animal books is for children aged 3 – 5 years. The second set of non-fiction topics such as space and human body is for children aged 7 – 9 years.

watch me grow mcdonalds wow mcdonalds books

El had actually read the first book on pandas as my husband went to buy a Happy Meal for him. Instead of toys, they are giving out books. This is a great idea as I think we should encourage more children to read.

mcdonalds happy meal box

The books are thin and small, so they are very handy to bring them around.


Gar  even read them while waiting for El to get his hair cut.

gar reading panda

The first book is on pandas. He started by looking at the pictures. It was so interesting to find out that baby pandas are white with black ears when they are born. A few weeks later, their limbs become black.

panda 3 The book had little flaps that you could open and reveal more information.
pand 2

When I had a little more time at home, I read the another book about elephants to him. It traces the life of a baby elephant. Gar had many questions about why the baby elephant could not stand immediately. I shared with him how babies take nine months or more to walk, while the baby elephant could walk hours after being born.

elephant 2

Gar hates being dirty, so he was quite surprised to find out that elephants cover themselves in mud to keep themselves cool. He asked why one of the elephants had a white head.

elephant 1

He also asked about the elephants who were swimming, and what their trunks were for. It was a great chance for us to discuss about animals.

Other books included penguins and butterflies.

penguin 2

butterfly caterpillars

El had read the book, Wow! Ancient History, on his own.

el reading ancient history

“Hey, do you know the word ‘philosophy’ means ‘love of wisdom’?” he asked.

I used the quiz at the back of the book to see how much he had recalled.

el history quiz

What were the first prehistoric tools made out of?

  1. Stone, bone and wood
  2. Wood, plastic, and copper
  3. Ice, bone and mud

He thought for a while and finally said, ‘a: stone, bone and wood’. That was right.

I asked him something that was mentioned in the book.

“What is silk made from?”

Without skipping a beat, he said, “cobwebs!”

The family burst into laughter.

There are many other books with colourful pages. These books are a great way to introduce these topics to primary school students. I had even learnt a number of things from the books. There are occasion quizzes with answers at the back.

wow human body 1 wow human body 2 wow art and culture wow art and culture 1

These set of books could definitely last us for some time. My children really enjoyed reading them.

You could get the different sets of books in the month of September. They will be available from 11am on every Thursday, while stocks last. The schedule is as follows:

Week 1: 3 Sep – 9 Sep 
1. Watch me grow! Panda

Week 2: 10 Sep – 16 Sep
1. Watch me grow! Butterfly

Week 3: 17 Sep – 23 Sep
1. Watch me grow! Elephant

Week 4: 24 Sep – 30 Sep
1. Watch me grow! Penguin

There will also be art and craft, and fun reading at the following McDonald’s restaurants from 10am to 12pm, subject to changes.

12 Sep – West Coast Park
13 Sep – Jurong Central Park
19 Sep – Bishan Park
20 Sep – Ang Mo Kio Park
26 Sep – Kallang
27 Sep – Ridout Tea Garden

Go get the whole sets now.
gar with box Note: I have received the two sets of books from McDonald’s for this review.

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