A Hairy Affair

If there is someone in the household who could cut hair, wouldn’t you let him or her cut your baby’s hair?

Apparently not everyone thinks the same. A hairstylist was telling my mother that her daughter wanted to hire someone who specialises in cutting baby’s hair. How strange.

Anyway, since nobody can cut hair well, unless you want to end up with a bad hair cut, which was my fate when my mother used to cut my hair when I was young, then it’s off to the hair salon.

Gar is born with a head full of head. That is way much more than his elder brother, who at nearly 3 still has very fine hair. It is so long that it stands up, and it curls nicely, and there is a tinge of brown at the ends of his hair. I was born with a head full of hair, and according to my mother-in-law, he has curly hair like my husband.

So at three months old, he went for a hair cut. The hair stylist had cut the hair for El, so I know her skills. It is quite hard to cut hair for a fidgety baby. Previously, El would sleep through the hair cuts. However, this little baby was wide awake, and there was no way he would let his hair disappear without a fight. He was turning and moving, and it took tremendous skills to cut his hair without hurting him. She trimmed the top, and shaved the rest. He had bald patches due to sleeping on his back.

before his haircut

One day before his haircut

After His Haircut

Not too pleased with his new crew cut










I think he needs a bit more hair on top to balance his look.

In the mean time, as she had forgotten to give me a wrap, I had hair all over my clothes, which got onto him even after I changed him out of his clothes into a onesie. It was nearly a tussle against time as I had to get all the hair out of his tiny fist before he put it into his mouth.

This costs 10 dollars, and is way cheaper than a hair salon that targets children, minus all the frills such as cartoon, balloons, gelled hair with temporary hair dye. I have to be there to supervise the haircut, for the last time the elder boy went for his haircut without me, he ended up totally bald, just like a Shaolin monk.


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