The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse

I had just watched a short video on Eric Carle who had written and illustrated a book titled ‘The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse‘. He talks about how we should not be limited by colours and we should just allow children to use their imagination. He had actually based his drawings on an expressionist artist, Franz Marc, who painted blue horses and yellow cows.

blue horseCheck out his split!

Gar loves the book and he asks me to read it frequently. I do not have this book, so I borrow it from the library a couple of times for a year already.

blue horse

Blue Horse!

purple fox  Purple Fox!

pink rabbit

Pink Rabbit!

orange elephant

Orange Elephant! (Elephant is one of his favourite animals.)

Other books by Eric Carle that he likes include Have you seen my cat, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you hear?, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you see?, The very busy spider, and recently, Papa please get the moon for me.

I like the books because the lines are quite repetitive. Gar is able to memorise what comes next, so he will shout it out.

There are worksheets available online. Do a simple search and you can find pictures for colouring, mobile hangers, book marks and other lessons.

What books does your child like? Share in the comments!

Reading To Gar At Night

I had been the lazy mum when it came to Gar, so starting from July, I decided to make a more conscious effort to read to him. Now that he is able to say a few more words, I feel that he is more interested in books now.

We borrow a lot of books from the nearby library, and he enjoys reading them. Sometimes he chooses the books himself.

reading at the library

I had read Pipi Gou (Dog) to Gar recently. I love these books as the dog is 2 years old too, and is facing similar issues, such as toilet training, riding a bike, fear of strangers, eating and so on. They were useful to El when he was younger. I managed to buy them at $1 per book at the bus interchange from a vendor from China. Unfortunately, I have not seen him in years.

Other new books that I had bought are bilingual books with cartoon characters, such as Plane and Monster Inc. I read the Mandarin version to him, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

A book I had just read to him today was a non-fiction book on Sabre-Tooth Tigers, although the title was Sabre-Tooth Cat. He enjoyed it very much and asked me to read it twice. He even pointed to his tiger costume in the cupboard.

gar tiger

He enjoys reading Eric Carle. I had met a book vendor when I was pregnant with El, and he introduced many good children’s books to me.

reading with gar

Sometimes, after reading the books, I will play with foam letters. Gar is able to recognise most of the letters, and he knows the phonic sounds too as I use zoophonics to teach him. The foam letters are more tactile, so I do word blend with him. He will try to match the sounds to the zoophonics alphabet chart when I pass him the letters. I have been trying to spell his name, and hope he can recognise his own name.

Now that he is slightly more verbal, I am getting him to repeat the words after me as I read the book to him. He is doing a good job so far.

I must also thank my helper who reads to him frequently.

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