Carnival at East Coast Park

Every year, El’s former preschool will hold a carnival at East Coast Park for children from all their branches. I had brought him there in 2012, and my parents brought him there in 2013.

IMG_3754 They have a lot of little booths manned by teachers for children to play and win prizes. I think he won a lot of stickers.IMG_3757  He enjoys the snacks after playing.

IMG_3766 When I had brought him there previously, he went up to the bouncy castle, and when he came down, he had a bad nose bleed. I think he was hit in the nose by another child, but the teachers tended to him immediately. I was actually freaking out as I had not encountered something like this. Someone taught me to pinch the nose a little, and put ice to cool the body down. Hence, I was quite surprised to see him play on the bouncy castle this time round, without another fear.



I think it was pretty late when he went there, so he did not really meet many of his schoolmates.

They had face painting, and other games, and also had performances by professionals. The children enjoyed the carnival.

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