Dirty Medela Pump Membrane

Do you know that you have to clean the membrane of your Medela breast pump? I never knew this until I had finished breastfeeding my children. I had my Medela Pump in style for more than 4 years. I had used it for El, and I used the same one for Gar. I did not know that the cover could be popped open, and that we need to clean the membrane.

I had just read this online, that Medela used the open system, which means that dust, dirt and milk could get into the membrane, and we are supposed to clean it often. I had never cleaned it until today.

medela pump in style

medela pump in style

Immediately, I ran to my room and checked it. To my horror, when I opened it, the back cover was dusty. Even the cover itself was dirty outside. The membrane was a shocking black mess. I could not clean it with a tissue, and the wet tissue was useless. That was probably mould.

Mouldy Breast Pump Membrane

Mouldy Breast Pump Membrane

I had only known that the Medela breast pumps were supposed to be single-user, but I did not know they were actually more for single use. I had only replaced the valve. I did not replace the tubing even though it had yellowed, as the shop I went to was out of stock. We were not supposed to wash the tubings.

I feel quite sick that I had been using this for such a long time.

None of my friends who had recommended me Medela told me I had to clean it. I guess I did not read that in the instruction manual. Thank goodness Gar did not have any major issues. He has been quite healthy so far, except for the episode where he was hospitalised for croup. I am really shocked. Actually, I hope there is no relation between the two, because I was probably stretching the pumps by then.

I am writing this to warn more mothers who are breastfeeding.

Other brands that are closed systems include Ameda, but I thought it was not strong enough.

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