How A Four-Year-Old Names His Future Business

After dinner, El and I were in the car having a conversation. I cannot remember whether all the questions were asked by me, or my husband had asked too.

Me: We were eating at the thai restaurant and many children saw you playing and then they asked their parents who want to eat Japanese food to come in. That is a good idea to have a children’s corner.
If you were to set up a restaurant, would you have a kids corner?

El: Yes. But I don’t know how to set up a restaurant.

Me: Well, next time you can take on part time work during the school holidays as a waiter, and learn how a restaurant operates. You can be a chef and learn where to get the supplies from. You can also call your restaurant Mum and Dad Restaurant.
El: Yeah.

Me: You can also draw your own menu.

El: Yes, that would be great.

Me: If you could choose, would you open a restaurant or an art school?

El: Art school!

Me: You can get a franchise from global arts or set up your own.
How big will it be?

El: Very big, and many rooms.

Me: Will it be bigger than Jiu jiu’s school?

El: Yes.

Me: How many schools will you open?

El: 30.

Me: 13 or 30?

El: 30.

Me: What name will you call it. El Art school? World arts?

El: Artz school?

Me: Space Arts? International Arts School?

El: Art school.

Me: But there are many art schools. You need a name.
Well, Jiu jiu’s school is called Good School Learning Hub.

El: Ok, how about Picture School?

Me: But people may think picture school is a photography school, since picture is a photo too.

El: Ok, then Drawing and Colour School.

carrots and brinjals colouring

Me: Drawing Encourage School? Or Drawing and Courage school?

El: No, Drawing and Colouring school. The small kids will learn colouring. The big kids will learn drawing.

Me: But you are learning drawing and colouring now. Will you teach painting?

El: No.

And that’s all I can remember from that conversation.

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