Ben 10 Obsession

El’s current obsession is Ben 10. I had somehow improved my street cred with him when I asked him about Kevin 11. I had read up some wikis on the whole omniverse of Ben 10. He memorised every single alien. I can remember a few because I had read up on them. Apparently this boy picked up an item that looked like a watch. Whenever he was threatened and had to fight the bad guys, he would tap it and turned into an alien with special powers.

The other time people were telling me not to let him get hooked on this show, as the characters are quite violent. He doesn’t really watch TV, so he found his sources from youtube. He made me sit through a couple of videos recently.

We got him colouring books, two omnimatrix (fake watches), and a water bottle. I wanted to get him some things from Toys R’ Us, but I found very few items. The other time when I bought his classmate something, there were many toys. The sales assistant told me that the items were either sold, or recalled, and the company was not stocking up on them anymore.

Recently, he had taken to drawing pictures of the aliens on paper, and then cutting out to stick on his face and body.
el ben 10


If you had been on Facebook, you might have seen a series of photos where this girl, Mayhem and her mother comes up with paper dresses and costumes. A colleague’s daughter tried a few costumes, and both girls looked great. However, El looks creepy! Hope this current obsession ends soon.

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