Wild Kratts

After the obsession with Ben 10, El has moved on to Wild Kratts. Similar to Octonauts, Wild Kratts is about animals. Written by the Kratt brothers, they will sometimes start the show with real life action, introducing wild animals that would be the star of their shows.

Sometimes they have messages about conservation, and sometimes they just introduce the habits of the animals. I had watched an episode about Gila monster with El. It is not a crazy monster, as it is not translated from Malay. It is actually a venomous lizard, with light markings.

In the show, a child is frightened of the Gila Monster that has appeared below his house. The Wild Kratts went to his rescue in order to educate him. They transformed themselves into mini Wild Kratts, to observe the lizard closer. To make this more exciting, they added in a villain. El rattled off a few villians which I cannot remember.

Interestingly enough, in a zoo app game that we played the day after the show, there was a question about gila monsters and their locations. I had read up on the animal and I could answer him, that they are found mainly in Americas.

Again, I have no idea where he found all these cartoons. However, this cartoon is way more educational than Ben 10, which is quite violent in my opinion. Are there any other shows that are educational and interesting?

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