Some of El’s funny quips

1. “Mummy, why are you painting your face?” asked El in a curious tone when I was putting on makeup in the car during the red light.

2. “They want a Parent Vo-Loon-Ter and not a Grandparent Vo-Loon-Ter,” cried El when I could not go for the class trip to the Bird Park, and had suggested that his grandparent act as a volunteer in my place.

3. “Where are my friends?” he asked after he requested my father to bring him to the Jurong Bird Park as he thought that they would be there, just like the other time when he went on a field trip with his classmates.

4. “Why he is half-naked?” he asked me when he spotted an older boy in swimming trunks standing at the lift lobby.

5. “Mr Gar, do you understand? You are not supposed to touch Papa’s things. Do you understand?” He admonished Gar after he played with his father’s water bottle and it dropped.

6. We were listening to classical music and I was introducing the various instruments as we heard them. I told him that it was the sound of piano, and asked him whether he knew what it was.
El: Yes, I know what a piano is. I saw that in the dressing room on my iPad.
Me: Whose dressing room?
El: Dora the explosion.

7. You know there’s an ABC soup, right? The next day we had a different soup, and El was very amused when I told him it was DEF soup. Today, out of nowhere during dinner and having another type of soup, he said, “I am having LMO soup.”

Warm Chocolate Cake

Warm Chocolate Cake

8. Me: Do you want lava cake where the chocolate oozes out, or warm cake?
El: What is lava?
Me: Something hot that comes out from a volcano
El: Mummy, I want volcano cake.

9. El went to see dinosaurs at plaza sing with his father.
Me: What 4 dinosaurs did you see today?
El: Andesaurus, pterosaur, and… And i-don’t-know-saurus.

10. El’s latest new logic.
Thirty-eight, thirty-nine, thirty-ten, thirty-eleven, thirty-twelve

11. El’s logic Co-co-nut Pa-pa-ya Ba-ba-na

12. Do you remember the advertisement that goes like this?
Adult: 这是花。花。 (This is a flower. Say ‘Flower’.)
Little boy: 胡姬花! (Orchid)
El was looking at my father’s dinosaur t-shirt.
My brother: Dinosaur. Say ‘dinosaur’
El: No, triceratops!

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