River Safari

This was actually our second trip to the River Safari! El really wanted to go there, so after he earned the 50 stickers, I brought him there. Thanks to my corporate benefits, I managed to get free tickets to the place.

What I like about the River Safari is the animals are mainly in tanks and so it is sheltered most of the way. Unfortunately, as I read more and more about animals in captivity, I was thinking the tanks were pretty small.

There were a lot of gharials, various types of fish and snakes. The enclosures were named after the main rivers in the world.

indian gharial 3

indian gharial 2

Indian gharial 1

There were a couple of storks that were perched on tree trunks. It was quite strange to see huge birds on trees. They reminded me of Chinese gongfu moves.
lesser adjutant stork 1

lesser adjutant stork 2

lesser adjutant stork 3

Gharials, caimans, alligators and crocodiles are similar, but they have different jaw structures and length. This is an African dwarf crocodile.
african dwarf crocodile

It was hard getting a photo of the red panda.
red panda 1

El was more amused by the recorded sounds of the red panda.red panda 2

The first time when we went there, only Kai Kai was outside. Jia Jia was hidden from view. This time round, both pandas were out.

Kai Kai was busy eating, as usual. He is bolder, and does not mind the crowd.
kai kai 1

kai kai 2

kai kai info

Jia Jia is more shy, so she was walking around the place.
jia jia 1

Her bum was slightly dirty.
jia jia 2

Ok, make that very dirty.
jia jia 3

jia jia info

After watching the pandas, we went to the other side of the exhibits. There were many squirrel monkeys!

squirrel monkey 1

Soon, we reached the end of the exhibits. I bought panda toys, and some other toys for El.
panda toys

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