Recovery Phase

Right now, Gar is recovering from his virus attack, but one day after his discharge, he had diarrhoea at least 10 times in a day, with many times occurring in the evening. After taking medication, he had recovered, but my mother and mother-in-law had worse symptoms, including vomiting.

remote control

The cover that Gar manages to open and close

He is still very weak, occasionally lying down on the floor and not moving. However, I have just discovered that he has the strength and the dexterity to open the battery cover of our television remote control. He had seen us do that a couple of times, removing a battery, just so that he could not change the channel randomly. He managed to pry the cover open, and then close it.

He loves to climb over the play yard fence, just to make his getaway, but I think he lacks the strength, so he does not have the strength to propel himself over currently.

He has also lost a little weight. We weighed him when we brought him to the clinic.

Unfortunately, there is a lingering cough. It sounds like clearing of the throat more than anything else. The doctors had said that the cough would be the last to go. His nose looks clearer now, and is not as blocked as before. I think I can stop the saline drops.

I really hope that he makes a full recovery soon.

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