Jurong Bird Park

We just went to Jurong Bird Park on 1 December and my boys enjoyed themselves! There was light rain in the morning, but when we reached there, the weather had cleared mostly. There was slight drizzle for a short while, but soon ended. It was really cooling there.

This is part of the 10 free activities to do in Singapore I wish to do with my children during this December holidays. We had free corporate passes. It is free for children below 3. If you are going there on your own, as part of the SG50 celebrations, you get an annual pass for the price of 1-day ticket. Very worth it!

This place is pretty small, but there are enough birds to see. We did not stay for any feeding shows or bird shows.

Photos galore! Taken with Canon 60d.

bird park entrance 3
bird park entrance 2
bird park entrance

We saw some penguins.
african penguins
African Penguins
penguin entrance

king penguin 1

penguins 2
King Penguins – Some were standing still throughout the whole time we were there. Some were swimming.

air walking
At the pelican place

australian pelican
Australian Pelican

great white pelican 2

Great white pelican
Great White Pelicans – Check out their beaks.

by the waterfall

waterfall 2

waterfall 3


At one of the highest manmade waterfalls.

carribean flamingo
Carribean Flamingo

yeah el and gar

el and gar reading brochure

Reading the map!

el close up


enjoying the ride
My husband was in charge of pulling the wagon. Really tough when we went uphill.

exploring the place

A random mynah

green cheeked conure

sun conure birds


sun conure

hello world

Sun Conure and maybe green cheeked conure

grey bird

saddle billed stork
Saddle billed stork

scarlet ibis
Scarlet Ibis

scarlet macaw
Scarlet Macaw

snowy owl
Snowy Owl – It’s a hoot!

tiger tram
Would taking the tram be a better idea?

white bird

IMG_9548 Saw an iguana when we left the place. Check out its claws.

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9 thoughts on “Jurong Bird Park

  1. Thank you for this post. I stumbled onto it while reading the Hoagie’s Gifted blog hop, and read a few posts when I realized that your El and my Eli are fairly close in age. We, also, are struggling a bit. Our son prefers playmates that are a year or two older than he. He fits in well in choir, though he is the youngest child there by two years. At school, he’s been placed up a year. That helped…at first…but is no longer enough to meet his academic needs, and now he gets frustrated that the other kids aren’t keeping up with him. We are fortunate that he has one great same-age friend…but due to scheduling conflicts, we don’t see his friend but once or twice a month in a Saturday class. I wish I had some answers…we could use them here, too!

    • Hi Tammy, unfortunately I do not really have answers for you. My son does not have many friends, and he just told me that he is not looking forward to next year when school reopens. He’s really bored. It is even harder to have acceleration in my country, so I am now wondering what to do.

      What I have done for him is to get pen pals around his intellectual age, and hopefully he will have some friendship. Let me know if you are interested to link up for this. As for school, he doesn’t have any particular close friends.

  2. Very nice photos! We’ve only brought my son there once when he was 2 and haven’t been back since because he doesn’t quite like birds…. maybe it’s time to revisit again.

    Cheers Audrey @SAys! Happy Mums

  3. Do pop by and feed the adorable lories next time 🙂
    My kids can stay 1 hour in the lories “aviary”!
    And I miss the monorail.

    cheers, andy

  4. We’ve yet checked out the Bird Park with my girls. Been to the Zoo and River Safari only so far. One day we will go, I’m sure. 🙂

  5. Your photos brought back many good memories when I brought my kids to the bird park when they were younger. Nice pictures and they looked very happy! 🙂

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