How To Be A Kor Kor Garisms

I had a hilarious conversation with Gar recently. He wants to be older than what he actually is. Even though he has just turned three, he keeps talking about being four years old. He also wants to be more senior in rank, so he was telling me that he wanted to be a kor kor (big brother). I cannot remember the entire conversation, but it should go something like this.

kor kor gar

Gar:  I want to be kor kor.
Me: But you do not have any didi or meimei (younger brother or sister). You need one in order to be a kor kor.
Gar: Ok, I want a didi or meimei.
Me: That means mummy must have a baby.
Gar: Yes, I want a baby brother.
Me: But Papa and I are not planning to have any more.

The thought of going through pregnancy and looking after a newborn was too much. The conversation became a little repetitive, with the both of us repeating similar things, so I decide to switch track.

Me: Ok, so if we have a baby, then you could be korkor.
Gar: Yes!
Me: That means you have to move out of the bed and go to the kids’ room, because the baby will need to sleep with mummy on the bed.
Gar: (suddenly throwing a jealous fit) No! Hmph! I so angry with baby.
Me: Why are you angry? When you were a baby, you slept here so that I can feed you and look after you.
Gar: The baby can sleep in the kids’ room!
Me: The baby is very young and we need to look after the baby. You will be big enough to sleep on your own.
Gar: No! I so angry with baby. I don’t want baby brother anymore.
Me: Are you sure? Then you cannot be kor kor.
Gar: But I want!

Finally, I came up with a win-win solution for both.

Me: I know how you can be a kor kor and not have your place taken up by the baby.
Gar: How?
Me: When jiu jiu (my brother) gets married and then have a baby, you will be kor kor.
Gar: Yay! I want jiu jiu to get married and have a baby.
So the ball is in my brother’s court.

When I spoke to my colleague, she said that her daughter told her she did not want any younger siblings. Her daughter is only 2! That shows that if we ever want to have more children, we should have them before our children can protest.

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13 thoughts on “How To Be A Kor Kor Garisms

  1. Maybe it’s really time? 😛 I can imagine the “But, I want!” expression. I love conversations with little kids as they give very interesting answers, which sometimes throw you off.

  2. My girl went through this phase too! Actually sometimes she still asks for a younger sibling to be a “jie jie”. I think it’s because in her preschool they talk about being a good jiejie/korkor and helping to look after the younger didis / meimeis heh.

    Ai Sakura Haruka

    • If only the preschools teach the younger ones to be good didis/meimeis to the older ones. My younger one bullies the elder one!

  3. Wahaha I always wanted a kor kor so I will tell my boy how a Kor Kor should be like (based on my childhood expectations!) 🙂

    • I grew up with cousins, so I did not see the real need to have my own kor kor. The elder one is a good kor kor, but the younger one is a naughty didi.

  4. I miss the funny conversation when my kids were younger. Like I thought i hear “thermometer” but actually my boy meant to tell me he is a “monitor” in class. 🙂

  5. I get that a lot haha 🙂
    One moment best-buddies, the next moment eternal-nemesis!

    I can imagine little Gar pestering Jiu Jiu about babies wahaha!
    cheers, andy

  6. My younger son also wants to be gor gor! But I told him that he keeps fighting with his elder sis now, what happen if he has one more sibling, then he would say, “Ya hor!”

  7. Lol… Thank goodness I never had to go through such a conversation, and I doubt I would have to… The way my 2 boys fight non-stop, I’m pretty sure they both never want another sibling… -_-

  8. haha this is funny! My boy tells me all the time he is Kor Kor even though he is the only child.. he always wants to be the Big Brother and has been asking me to give him a younger brother! I tell him that if I do have another baby, it may be a younger sister! And he will make a face like eeks!

    Have fun chatting with your boy!

    SAys! Audrey 🙂

  9. Most oids wld have this mature to want to baby a smaller sibling. Its like role playing to them i believe. Would love to have a 3rd for myself but its just too expensive and esp when I dont have a helper, I rather enjoy my two forever babies now. 🙂

    Shirley @ SAys! Happy Mums

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