Garisms: Gar’s Quips

More funny quips from Gar.
1. Touch Wood!
Gar: mummy die mummy die
Me and hubby: What?!
Gar: mummy die, mummy die
Seconds later… We figured he was saying mummy drive. I was driving the car instead of my husband.

2. Foul Language
Gar: Mummy f@&$ mummy f@&$
Me thinking: what?? Since when did anyone use bad words in front of him?
It turned out I was parking my car then and he was saying ‘park’.

3. Confused Boy
Gar: Mummy Pa Mummy Pa
Who are you calling?
Park.. Oh, I was parking the car then!

4. Counting Dracula
Yeye: how many steps are there? (pointing to a flight of stairs)
Gar: One!
Yeye: No! Let’s count. One…
Gar: one, two, three … Eight, nine, ten!
Yeye: what happened to the numbers in between? Let’s try again.
Gar: One, two, three, four, five, six, eight, nine, ten!
Yeye: what about seven?
Gar: one, two, three, four, five, six, bear, eight, nine, ten!

Remember his very efficient speech?
I guess the bear swallowed the number seven.


5. Yucky bread
Gar: Bread! Bread!
There was no white bread left, and only charcoal bread. It was black in colour, and frankly quite unappealing. When he saw it, he kept saying…
Gar: Yuc(k), Yuc (k)

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