Gar at 18 months

garI had been able to spend more time with him in the December holidays, so it was great to see the changes in him. He has 8 teeth at the moment, with 2 molars growing out at the bottom. He is about 10.7kg and 75cm. That puts him at the 50 percentile for his age.


He is able to say the following:
Ah Ma
Gong Gong (accompanied by repeated thigh-slapping action because he had hit him once for being naughty, and this boy remembered forever, constantly reminded by our helper)
Ye Ye
Kor kor (sounds more like throat clearing)
Call Call (to use the phone, because my mother will call my mother-in-law to arrange to pick up El for school, and it is his time to go out for a spin)
Boon-deh (some weird sound to refer to Barney and panda)
Car Car
School ba (school bus)
Xie xie (thank you)
Bye bye
Bao bao (with outstretched hands)
Open (not very clear)
There! (and points in a direction, after we ask him ‘Where?’)
Some glottal throat clearing sound (to indicate he wants to drink water)
Other occasional two-word phrases (I cannot remember what he had said)

Favourite songs
The Wheels On The Bus (keeps getting me to play and sing on the keyboard by doing the driving action by moving his hands up and down in opposite directions, and I have to come up with multiple verses just to keep going)

If You’re Happy And You Know It (follows the clapping, stomping, raising hands and pointing to his cheeks)

Other Barney songs

Favourite actions
Takes the DVD boxes, opens them, takes the DVDs out, puts into the DVD recorder to watch the DVDs. Sometimes he pushes the driver in, sometimes he uses his toes to push it in, or sometimes he will press the button instead.

Takes me by my finger, walks me into the room, points to the bed, and then to the bed board to indicate he wants to be nursed. Then he will explore either my mouth or my nostrils in depth using his fingers.

Waves and blows a flying kiss to say bye.

Head butts everybody. He must have the Iron-Head Skill (铁头功). Thank goodness my nose is real.

Blows raspberry. I think he does this when he is teething.

Bites people, especially his brother and my helper.

Touches his left inner elbow to refer to an elephant.

Points to the ceiling when he wants to sleep early. If not, he will be crying his head off.

Blinks a few times to indicate somebody is wearing glasses, and he does not like it. He does that to me and my father when we put on our sunglasses while driving, and to his grandmothers when they change glasses to read.

Takes the children’s toilet seat from the cupboard and puts it on the toilet bowl if he wants to pass motion. However, sometimes he only does that after he has passed motion.

Plays with the blinds. Sometimes he will close them if he wants to be nursed.

Climbs chairs, climbs tables, or anywhere he could

Attempts to do a forward roll

Used to turn his body to go down the bed safely, but now wants to jump down

Rushes to play the keyboard whenever I switch it on, or gets me to switch it on

Removes his straps on the car seat and then usually after 15 minutes or more, he will start to remove his shoes and socks.

Knows different animals – monkeys, elephant, lion, panda,

Knows when I talk about remote controls, and able to understand ‘the other one’ and pass the right one to me.

Looks for Barney read-aloud app on my iPad

Presses for the lift

Looks for food from people’s plate

Able to stack cubes (at least 3 -4)

Likes to play peek-a-boo

Laughs a lot

Whines a lot too

Loves to sit in kiddy rides (I don’t put in coins.)


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