Flea Market And Mid Autumn Festival

The best time to go to an annual flea market is to go after it is supposed to be closing, because that is when you get fire sale prices!

After dinner, we rushed home for a Mid Autumn Festival Celebration held by my estate’s management committee. The flea market was supposed to be over, but they were still selling items.

After last year’s great book deals, I could not believe it when a stall owner wanted to sell 10 children’s magazines to me for $2. They looked great in content and condition to me so I took the whole lot and more.

discovery box magazine

They actually featured Henri Matisse’s works! He used to be a painter until his health kept him in a wheelchair. He turned to paper cuttings. I love these works.

story box elephants

story box little witches

story box magazines

There were other books, such as jigsaw puzzles and jigsaw books. She gave some free to me plus I got stickers which I could use for El’s sticker book for piano practice. Total? $8.

After that, I went to another stall and spotted Eat, Pray, Love, a book that sparked many people’s wanderlust and puns. I never had a chance to read it.

There were other children’s books, which the owner said had high frequency words. I think they were at 6 books for $2.
early readers

early readers 2

sunshine books

Gar spotted a book on elephants and he took off with it. I was so embarrassed as I told the stall holder. Anyway, I got the books and paid up.

elephant walk

The good thing about my neighbours is they care very much about education, so they spent a lot of money on books and other educational materials. Their children are older now, so they want to sell them to make way for even more books.

While I do not mind setting up a class library with my books, (some students treat my books badly though), I still cannot bear the thought of selling my books. Perhaps next time.

I really had a lot of great quality books.

books from flea market

My helper managed to get sone books for her son, perhaps also 6 for $2, and then a brand new pair of shoes for $2!!!

I got an Indian snack for El, but he didn’t eat much.

Gar went home for his dinner while I joined in the lantern walkabout for the third time with El without a lantern.

lantern walk

After that, we caught a magic show/ circus act. I think he had performed at my workplace before!

He had a floating crystal ball.


Then he spun plastic plates.

He had volunteers come up to try. El put his hand up but he did not get selected.

The magician balanced an umbrella, a knife and a trolley on his chin.

El was very visibly scared. I saw him covering his ears earlier and at that moment before the knife act, he covered his eyes.

The next act was an escape act. He could easily get his hands out from two padlocks on chains.

After that, El shouted for me, and said the show was boring and he wanted to leave.

My right leg was totally numb from the way I was sitting earlier. El told me to stay where I was and call his father to take me home. I told him I just had to wait a while.

I cannot wait for next year’s flea market.

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