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Posts on Humour – Funny Things My Children Say
Garisms – Funny Quips from Gar
Garisms: Gar’s Quips
Some of El’s funny quips
How A Four-Year-Old Names His Future Business
El has very strong views on how he will name his art school in the future.
Upp X Rd
Mao, Meow and Cat
Word Play and Limerick

Why? Why? Why?

Events in my children’s lives

Pen Pals!
El gets international pen pals.

The Day El came home on his own
El was angry and he ran home on his own from the playground. I was shocked to see him climbing the gate to try to reach the door bell. The parapet is just beside the door bell.

Mr Bump Gets Stitches
El fell and hit his head, requiring six stitches

Gar’s hospital stay
Gar was hospitalised for croup

Another hospital stay
Gar was hospitalised yet again

Trips to the Museums and Heritage Trails
Kampong Glam Heritage Trail
Malay Heritage Trail about Bugis, Kampong Glam, Sultan Mosque and Arab Street

Mint Museum of Toys
Museum of iconic toys (American, Japanese and Singaporean among others)

ArtScience Museum
Mummy Secrets of the Tomb exhbition at Marina Bay Sands

History Fieldtrips to WWII sites in Singapore
Labrado Park – artillery and underground tunnels
Bukit Chandu Museum – a museum about WWII and the Malay Regiment

Excursions, outings and other activities
Singapore Zoo
Proboscis monkeys, pygmy hippos, white tigers

River Safari
Jia Jia and Kai Kai(pandas), gharials, Amazon River

Sand Playground

Sports Day

10 Free Activities to Do In The Holidays

Posts on Gifted Children and Education and part of Gifted Blog Hop 

Speed Bumps To Gifted Acceleration
If acceleration is helpful to gifted children, then why are there so many restrictions in Singapore?

Gifted Testing In Singapore: From A Parent’s Perspective
Is there a need to assess whether your child is gifted when there is not much room for acceleration in Singapore? What tests are available?

Self-Care: Setting Physical and Health Goals
It is not easy looking children, let alone gifted ones. Are you putting them ahead of your needs all the time? Take a look at why it is important to care for yourself.

7 Ways To Advocate For Your Gifted Child
What happens if your gifted child’s needs are not being met in the classroom? What are some steps you could take to speak up for him/her?

Different Faces of Gifted People
How does a gifted person look like? Must the person be from GEP?

Finding True Peers
It’s difficult to find friends of similar mental age.

Carrot Vs Stick – Sticker Reward For Piano Playing
How to get a reluctant boy to play the piano

Montessori Method – An Introductory Workshop

Australian International School (Singapore)

El’s new school

Parent-Teacher Communication

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