Dressing Up and Buying Clothes

I was watching Asia’s Next Top Models last week, and they had a challenge on posing for catalogues. When the models went in, a senior executive from Zalora, gave them some pointers and added some accessories to them. I liked how she changed their looks almost instantaneously, and I was attracted to some of the clothes they have.

In their challenge, they were told to dress up in certain themes, and they had a short few minutes to do so. I quite like some of the styles. Later on, they were given 15 minutes to get their shots taken. Some of them made me really want to buy the clothes. Immediately, I went to the site and saw some nice clothes. The Great Singapore Sale is coming up, and I am sure there would be a lot of sales going on.

Since I usually shop once or twice a year, and usually I will buy anything from 6 to 15 quality but affordable pieces at one go, I have enough clothes to last before I start to repeat them more frequently.  If only I am what this app says about my age, then it would be the time where I could wear almost anything I want.


My son soon brought me back to earth, with his ego bruising guesses of my age, which he guessed was between 46 to 59!

It is difficult to shop for clothes, because I have a few criteria.The tops or dresses should preferably be sleeveless, or with short sleeves, because the classrooms are extremely hot! The skirt or dresses should reach the knees. It is very hard to find suitable dresses, because they are all so short!

In the past, I would buy clothes that did not require ironing, but after I have my children and had hired helpers, I would buy whatever I liked. Unfortunately, now that I am currently in between helpers, I really wish the clothes do not require any ironing!

I probably should get some accessories to jazz up those clothes (that do not require ironing) I am going to repeat for the time being.

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24 thoughts on “Dressing Up and Buying Clothes

  1. Your post reminded me that I still have a couple of bucks from that site. You already look young and a yeah, a little dress up and accessory can make a big change.

  2. Oh I hate ironing, too. I like tops that are sleeveless because they are perfect with our weather now.

  3. I try to avoid the GSS as they don’t really have good bargains. I buy my stuff from taobao.com now as it’s cheaper and can get some fancy stuff at bargains. Regarding ironing I outsource to my boys now since they have been taught how to iron.:)

  4. Clothes that doesn’t require ironing = this is what I also wanted most of the time. I feel the pressure with you buying those kind of right clothes.

  5. Dubai has sales several times throughout the year so I also make sure to buy clothes in bulk during these times.
    I haven’t tried that app yet, but it would be interesting to find out how old I look.

  6. that was a cool app! it’s good to know that it helped you guide on dressing & buying up clothes!

  7. Until fairly recently, perhaps in the last 8 years, I didn’t like shopping for clothes. I am plus size and it used to be difficult to find clothes that actually fit that didn’t make years older than I already was. Thanks to more open minded fashionistas now, there are way better and affordable clothes for my size. I maximized a bazaar last week and picked up a few pieces to update my wardrobe. 🙂

  8. The last time I shopped for clothes is two year ago since we already had our uniform at work. This helps reduce stress on my part on thinking what clothes to wear daily.

  9. Oh! I seen that up in my friends timeline, but haven’t tried it. Just too afraid that I look much older than my age hehehe.. Anyways, I wanted to shop for clothes but hesitated because I am hoping to lose weight before getting a new set.

    • I had also wanted to lose weight before getting new clothes, but it never happened. Good luck with your weight loss programme!

    • Congrats! Thanks a lot! That is probably due to my fringe. It is hard to maintain that fringe though, so now I sweep it to the side.

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