Drawing Faces

El is still young, so his drawings are still somewhat crude. In fact, he doesn’t draw much, but instead loves to write. His handwriting is slowly improving, but that is another matter.

We bought markers that could write on glass. He had been writing words and names on our glass windows in the living room. I had drawn an alligator before. Now, I’m not a very good artist, but I can copy simple drawings.

One day, I decided to show him how to draw a spider. I drew an oval, added eyes and a mouth, and then added eight legs. He was pretty amused by it, and drew his own little spider. I thought it looked pretty cute and it had that bug-eyed innocence, a little like a character from Monster, Inc.

Blue Spider drawn by El

Blue spider drawn on the glass window

His preschool had an art exhibition where they raised funds for charity. The school did up the place very nicely, and invited the parents to the place at night. Some of the works were amazing, and I could not believe that 2 to 6 year old children could produce such high quality works. The teachers must have worked very hard on these.

His teacher told me about how he had drawn the pictures, and she had helped him with the outline. He came up with the title of the artwork himself.

My World

Artwork by El, aged 2 plus going on 3.

I missed his artwork, and it was one of the first place I had started. I went through the entire exhibition before my husband finally located it. The two faces were just like the spider’s face I had drawn, and the eyes mirrored my spider and his spider’s eyes. The title of the art piece was something he had been singing – Save My World. I was totally surprised that the teachers could get this artwork out of a little boy who drew nothing much, and could not even hold his pens properly.

When I asked him about his drawing, he told me that both were happy faces.

Of course, parents were supposed to bid for the artwork, with the proceeds going to Very Special Arts, a charity for promoting art for people with disabilities. One painting with Chinese calligraphy was going for over $300 at that point, and it was a fierce fight. I saw my friend’s child’s artwork being outbid, and promptly told her.

For El’s artwork, I was pleasantly surprised to see the principal of his school place a bid of $100 for it. We had not planned on bidding much, but seeing that figure, from a starting bid of $25 by his school, we decided to bid $150.

Did we win the bid?

Stay tuned to find out. Actually, I really have no idea because he has been sick and had not gone back to school to get the results of the bidding.

Update- We won the bid! It has been on our display shelf ever since.
He had also requested for art lessons, and now takes art lessons regularly.

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