Christmas Decorations 2013

It is Christmas time, and all the shopping malls are decked with beautiful decorations, and they have many exhibitions.

Square 2 at Novena
There is a lego exhibition. Gar was mildly interested in the lego animals.

Gar and Lego Gar and Lego Lion
Marina Square
– They have built little displays for people to take photos. They have some apps, but I did not use them.

El at Marina Square Gar on a rocking horse El and Gar at Marina Square Polar Bear CGI That picture shows polar bears sleeping and walking on the ice that broke apart in a short video that incorporates people standing there into it. They wanted to watch over and over again.

United Square – Performances by favourite characters from Hit Entertainment.



Barney and Friends

Gar watching Barney Gar watching from afar

IMG_3935 Trying to get a vantage view, but poor Papa

City Square – Thomas and friends were at City Square. Not that interesting though, as they depended on the station help to move the 30-minute plot along, with brief appearances made by Thomas the Train.

Thomas and friends

El watching Thomas and Friends El watching from the side

Orchard Road Christmas Lightings

We wanted to soak in the festive atmosphere at Orchard Road, but by the time we reached there at 9pm, El fell asleep. Soon Gar fell asleep too, while both were in the car. Oh well, maybe next year.

Orchard Road Christmas Light Orchard Road Christmas Light Orchard Road Christmas Light

 Merry Christmas!

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