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Sarah Ta
Hi, I’m Sarah Tan, a mother of 2 young boys. One is about 6 years old, while the other is 3 years old. Elgarmummy.com is a Singapore parenting blog.

Why Elgarmummy.com? Well, Elgar came from a combination of both my sons’ names.

The boys never fail to amaze me each day, and it is a great learning curve for me.

What’s up with the animals? My elder son, El, loves animals, and he goes on and on about Animal ABC songs, and he knows a huge range of exotic animals. Sometimes it can be quite an adventure, and hence I chose these animals. We were playing Draw Something one day, and I drew these animals based on a play mat we were sitting on.

My younger son, Gar, is an extremely active child who loves to swing on any bars he sees. He has just started N1. Whatever works for El becomes a different ball game with Gar.

As an educator and a mummy blogger, I am interested to record all this and learn more about the psychology of children. I am reading up as much as I could possibly can, so that I can meet the needs of my sons better. El loves reading about dinosaurs, animals, and the galaxy, and plays Angry Bird and other games in his spare time. Gar is a daredevil who loves to go out and play.

I blog about child development, and gifted education. I also blog about what my children say and do, and sometimes review books.

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