Cannot Walk After Having Fever

After days of high fever, El woke up one morning and his legs gave way when he stood up. For the next few hours, he was unable to walk. We thought his legs could just be numb and massaged them to improve blood circulation. It was slightly better but he complained of pain.

He was walking with a spastic gait, similar to others with extremely weakened muscles and stiff limbs.

I was quite worried because someone I know said her son also woke up and could not walk suddenly, and the condition seemed to be very serious.

We finally took him to the hospital in the afternoon. It took us many hours to wait for his turn. His pain got so bad that I had to carry him from place to place.

The doctor asked a couple of questions and then pressed his legs and calves to check out the pain. He was ticklish and the doctor thought he was joking. She continued to press the muscles and he complained of pain in those places.

I think she ruled out Zika or dengue since he did not have blood shot eyes or rashes.

She sent him to get an X-ray taken just to rule out any injury to the feet. She also got him to take Ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation. He later had his blood tested.

While waiting, he set up his own Class Dojo class that summed up his experience.
kkh classdojo

A nurse also got him a wheelchair which was too big for him. He was sliding down.

Someone else asked for a smaller wheelchair for him. He was actually having fun pushing himself around.
small wheelchair

After an hour, she saw him again and he said it was not so painful.

I briefly saw a diagnosis that started with ‘m’ and the paper was taken away. After googling ‘child cannot walk after having fever’, I found out that he should have acute benign childhood myositis.

Apparently, some boys aged 6 – 9 may get this after a bout of fever. Most recover without any other issues after three days of not being able to walk or having a spastic gait. I read other cases online, and they seemed to mention their boys recovering after three days.

Thankfully, he did recover after three days and was able to walk.

Unfortunately, he suddenly had severe vomiting after. He puked at least 5 times before he went to the hospital again.

He was given medicine to stop the vomiting and then an enema to move his bowels. Not sure exactly what happened but he was fine after this.

That was the first week of the June holidays. Gar had high fever as well. I suspect they got their fever from the dentist, who was coughing away when she saw them.

In the second week, We went to see an ENT specialist for both El for his sensitive nose and Gar who had very bad impacted ear wax, and it cost us more than $1k for all the medical bills.

Nature Themed Music Class @ Trehaus

The moment we stepped into the holiday music class held at Trehaus, at Claymore Connect (just beside Orchard Hotel Singapore), Gar hid behind my back and refused to show his face. Trina, the music teacher, allowed me to stay with him until he was comfortable.

Oh no, was Gar acting up again and refusing to participate in lessons, just like his taekwondo class? After a few minutes, I managed to move him in front of me.

The lesson was about nature and percussion instruments. Trina introduced the various instruments to the children, and reinforced what they had learnt previously, which Gar had missed. To get Gar more comfortable with the class, she put the instruments such as wooden blocks and triangle right in front of him, and he took them and explored them.

She also read stories to the children, and used different instruments for various seasons. He enjoyed hitting the tambourine and was able to beat it in a rhythmic manner.

autumn fall

They were also taught the concept of forte and piano and also 3 beats. Apart from nursery rhymes, she also introduced Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, to increase their exposure to classical music.

playing the tambourine

To the tune of Mulberry bush, they sang and moved around by hopping, skipping, running and walking. Gar was slowly warming up, and he answered the teacher’s questions. He also started participating more actively.

playing the triangle

He needed to go to the loo, so I brought him out. When I asked him whether he was confident to go back in on his own, he said yes, but told me to stay outside and not go anywhere else. I assured him and he went in on his own. Yay!

rain drop music class

It was great to see Gar gain his confidence since Trina was quite patient and encouraging.

exploring the keyboard with the teacher

After the class, I asked whether Gar enjoyed the class, and he said yes as he relaxed on a bean bag.
gar bean bag

There are two more sessions in the June holidays! Check out the details at Trehaus website.

They will be playing the ukelele and xylophone in subsequent lessons.

Note: We were invited to the music class.

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