Gardens By The Bay Visit

We went to the Gardens By The Bay in early December. The place is free at certain parts, but if you want to visit more of the exotic plants, you will have to pay.

To see the supertrees, it is best to go at night as they are lighted up. They are actually exhaust pipes for the air-conditioners. The whole place is green in design, so lots of recycling is done.

We reached there at 11am and we were hungry.

The guys

We found a cafe that was open. Their lunch menu starts at 11.30am, but we managed to get some food.

El found the penne too hot.

hot pasta

The sandwich was huge!


It looked like a pretty decent place. I saw a bunch of expat mothers with their infants and toddlers having brunch.

Outside the cafe were some Christmas decorations. Some poly students were playing Amazing Race too.


We explored a little park that has exercise stations.

walking hand in hand

Gar was playing with this spider web and lots of fun!

gar lying down

El was walking on the shaky bridge.

walking through the shaky bridge 2

A statue of an ant hill…

ant hill

and a dragon outside.


There is a free water park, but they are for children 6 or 7 years and older.

water playground for older children

Marina Bay Sands in the background, but it looks slightly hazy.

marina bay sands background

Some pretend fun! They do have a lot of alligators (looks more like alligators to me, with their U shape snouts.)

eaten by an alligator

While queuing to go inside, we overheard an excited usher who said she saw the late Steve Irwin’s family. We did not get to see them that day.

Inside the conservatory. It is a dome made of glass. Cacti galore!

so many cacti

I had never seen creeping cacti.

wormy cacti

This type looks more familiar to me.

prickly cacti

Some flowers I had seen/



An interesting statue that appears to float.

travellers statue

They have a Christmas flowers exhibition.

christmas flowers


christmas holly

They had Christmas decorations of European towns.

christmas miniature houses


christmas presents

Christmas trees

christmas trees

A random tourist who asked to pose with El. They kept asking us to take their photos. We should have asked them to take our family photo.
fireplace with random tourist

Flow’ry the Snowman

flowry the snowman  We went to the other exhibition. It had a waterfall. I did not take many photos there.
Opal stones.



stalagmitesA closeup!

yellow flower

Jurong Bird Park

We just went to Jurong Bird Park on 1 December and my boys enjoyed themselves! There was light rain in the morning, but when we reached there, the weather had cleared mostly. There was slight drizzle for a short while, but soon ended. It was really cooling there.

This is part of the 10 free activities to do in Singapore I wish to do with my children during this December holidays. We had free corporate passes. It is free for children below 3. If you are going there on your own, as part of the SG50 celebrations, you get an annual pass for the price of 1-day ticket. Very worth it!

This place is pretty small, but there are enough birds to see. We did not stay for any feeding shows or bird shows.

Photos galore! Taken with Canon 60d.

bird park entrance 3
bird park entrance 2
bird park entrance

We saw some penguins.
african penguins
African Penguins
penguin entrance

king penguin 1

penguins 2
King Penguins – Some were standing still throughout the whole time we were there. Some were swimming.

air walking
At the pelican place

australian pelican
Australian Pelican

great white pelican 2

Great white pelican
Great White Pelicans – Check out their beaks.

by the waterfall

waterfall 2

waterfall 3


At one of the highest manmade waterfalls.

carribean flamingo
Carribean Flamingo

yeah el and gar

el and gar reading brochure

Reading the map!

el close up


enjoying the ride
My husband was in charge of pulling the wagon. Really tough when we went uphill.

exploring the place

A random mynah

green cheeked conure

sun conure birds


sun conure

hello world

Sun Conure and maybe green cheeked conure

grey bird

saddle billed stork
Saddle billed stork

scarlet ibis
Scarlet Ibis

scarlet macaw
Scarlet Macaw

snowy owl
Snowy Owl – It’s a hoot!

tiger tram
Would taking the tram be a better idea?

white bird

IMG_9548 Saw an iguana when we left the place. Check out its claws.

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