More El’s Funny Quips

I found some of these old funny quips by El collected on my laptop.

1. El’s composition
Naughty nightingale
Sings to me
naughty nightingale
On a tree
And a great big owl
Laughs at him
Ha ha ha ha

He was singing this while randomly hitting the keys on the keyboard

2. Dromedary
I was playing doodle hangman with my kid, and he actually told me what a dromedary was. I need to read up more!
By the way, it is a single-humped camel. The double-humped camel is known as Bactrian.

Dromedary Camel07. Camel Profile, near Silverton, NSW, 07.07.2007” by JjronOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Bactr<a href=
2011 Trampeltier 1528“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
3. Today is Tuesday…

This boy refuses to wear his underwear because “it says ‘Wednesday’, but ‘today is Tuesday'”.

4. Rhino the Kidnapper

I was reading a Spider-Man book with Elgin. He was fighting The Rhino who had kidnapped a boy. He asked me what ‘kidnapped’ meant, and I told him, using him as an example. After he understood the concept, he suddenly burst into tears and was very upset.

 5. Sabre Tooth Tiger

Ok, this is not a quip, but something funny he did.

We had just watched Ice Age 4, and Elgin broke his Yan Yan biscuit stick into 2 and put them in his mouth like the sabre toothed tiger.

6. I am a good storyteller.

I cannot remember the exact details, but we were talking about writing stories down. I had suggested to El to type his stories out, so that he can remember them. Then he said he did not need to do that because he could remember them. He said, “I am a good storyteller, I can remember the stories.” Not sure how he got that idea.

How A Four-Year-Old Names His Future Business

After dinner, El and I were in the car having a conversation. I cannot remember whether all the questions were asked by me, or my husband had asked too.

Me: We were eating at the thai restaurant and many children saw you playing and then they asked their parents who want to eat Japanese food to come in. That is a good idea to have a children’s corner.
If you were to set up a restaurant, would you have a kids corner?

El: Yes. But I don’t know how to set up a restaurant.

Me: Well, next time you can take on part time work during the school holidays as a waiter, and learn how a restaurant operates. You can be a chef and learn where to get the supplies from. You can also call your restaurant Mum and Dad Restaurant.
El: Yeah.

Me: You can also draw your own menu.

El: Yes, that would be great.

Me: If you could choose, would you open a restaurant or an art school?

El: Art school!

Me: You can get a franchise from global arts or set up your own.
How big will it be?

El: Very big, and many rooms.

Me: Will it be bigger than Jiu jiu’s school?

El: Yes.

Me: How many schools will you open?

El: 30.

Me: 13 or 30?

El: 30.

Me: What name will you call it. El Art school? World arts?

El: Artz school?

Me: Space Arts? International Arts School?

El: Art school.

Me: But there are many art schools. You need a name.
Well, Jiu jiu’s school is called Good School Learning Hub.

El: Ok, how about Picture School?

Me: But people may think picture school is a photography school, since picture is a photo too.

El: Ok, then Drawing and Colour School.

carrots and brinjals colouring

Me: Drawing Encourage School? Or Drawing and Courage school?

El: No, Drawing and Colouring school. The small kids will learn colouring. The big kids will learn drawing.

Me: But you are learning drawing and colouring now. Will you teach painting?

El: No.

And that’s all I can remember from that conversation.

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